February 11, 2011


Marathon to pay schools chief until Sept.

Agreement with district lays out terms of Superintendent Tim Turecek’s resignation

Staff Reporter

MARATHON — Superintendent of Schools Timothy Turecek will be paid until Sept. 30 under an agreement reached with the district that ends his six-year tenure.
The Board of Education agreed to the terms of Turecek’s resignation Wednesday. His last day will be June 30.
“Differences have arisen in the employment relationship between superintendent and the district, and both parties acknowledge that it would be in their respective best interests to sever the current Employment Contract prior to its expiration on June 30, 2012,” according to the separation agreement.
Turecek’s resignation was announced at Wednesday’s board meeting.
His salary for the 2010-11 school year was $118,368.
The agreement also says the district will provide Turecek with a letter of reference.
The district will pay its share of Turecek’s health insurance premium until Sept. 30.
The district will not have to pay Turecek’s salary or its share of his health insurance premium if he finds employment before Sept. 30.
Turecek will be reimbursed for up to 30 vacation days.
The agreement also says the superintendent and the district agree not to take legal action against one another.
Turecek’s resignation came two weeks after he gave a lecture to a psychology class about consciousness and the afterlife.
The lecture ignited concerns from the community and exposed underlying tensions between the superintendent and the faculty over his management of the district.
In 2006, the faculty had a vote of no confidence in the superintendent.
On Wednesday, they voted again, with 92 percent of the teachers saying they had no confidence in him.
Board of Education President Floyd Parker read a statement at the school board meeting Wednesday night announcing the superintendent’s resignation.
“There is no doubt that recent events have played a role in leading to this separation, but it is also clear that there is significant misinformation about what recently transpired in the school district’s Advanced Psychology course,” Parker said in the statement. “Mr. Turecek admittedly made some errors in judgment in his presentation to that class, but in no way did he seek to impose any personal beliefs on any of the students in such class.”
Turecek declined to comment on his resignation or the guest lecture.
He has been the district’s superintendent since 2004.
Parker said the board will meet with an Onondaga-Cortland-Madison BOCES representative on Feb. 23 to begin the search process for a new superintendent.


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