February 15, 2010


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Ice golf tournament brings over 100 to Lake Como

Ice golfJoe McIntyre/staff photographer
Glenna Hill, right, sizes up a 15 foot putt as fellow members of team Caution, Stephanie Proper, left, and Brenda Kane, center, watch their teammate. Hill made the putt during the annual winter golf tournament on Lake Como.

Staff Reporter

SUMMERHILL — Glenna Hill, Brenda Kane and Stephanie Proper played golf on frozen, snow-covered Lake Como together for the 10th year in a row Saturday.
Their friend Rose Wilcox joined them for the third year in a row.
They were four of 104 people who formed 24 teams and competed in the annual ice golf tournament on a 12-hole course on the frozen lake behind the Lake Como Inn.
“It’s to get out of the house, get cabin fever out of you and have some fun,” said Al Tuttle, owner of the Lake Como Inn, who organized the event.
The ice, which Tuttle said was 12 inches thick, was covered with a few inches of snow.
Participants often had to search for their bright-colored golf balls when they sunk beneath the snow.
Holes were drilled a few inches into the ice by augers, which ice fishermen use, and flags were set up to mark each hole. The “greens” around each hole and the areas from which golfers teed off were plowed.
Hill, Kane, Proper and Wilcox’s team name was Caution, and they displayed it with “Caution” signs on their foreheads. Wilcox said the team name was meant to show their wild nature.
“Watch out for us. Not because we’re good at golf, because you don’t know what we’re going to do next,” Wilcox said.
They traveled from hole to hole with a group of four men who called their team Badman Farms. They have done the event together for the past five years. All teams compete to win the tournament, but participate directly against one other team.
Dave Badman, Rick Badman, Shawn Badman and Dave Fisher made up the Badman Farms team. Dave Badman owns Badman Farms, a dairy farm in New Hope. Rick and Shawn Badman are his two sons. Fisher is a friend of the family.
“We tackle the guys,” Wilcox said. “They keep telling us this isn’t a contact sport, but it’s a contact sport by the time we get done with it.”
Like most participants, the women of Caution drank cans of beer as they golfed. They also brought a bottle of peppermint schnapps, which they said was for medicinal purposes.
“We call it ‘the doctor.’ It keeps us warm,” Wilcox said.
They said they are not regular golfers, and prefer ice golf to an outing on a golf course. The Caution team and the Badman Farms team struggled to tee off on the first few holes. Many of their shots did not rise high enough and landed in the snow.
“I just don’t get this game,” Wilcox said. “I’m here for the ambiance. This is not my game.”
Participants paid an entry fee to play, and cash prizes were given to the top seven teams, with additional prize money given to the top three teams.
“It’s something different, said Rick Price, a Sempronius resident who creates the course every winter. “It kind of evens it out because good players play bad, and sometimes bad players play good.”


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