March 24, 2008


White adjusts to new role as a Syracuse stick rookie


Photo provided by Syracuse University
Cortland High grad Joel White (11), heading upfield in an earlier Carrier Dome victory over Army, has been a long-stick midfield standout in his freshman season at Syracuse.

Former Cortland High three-sport standout Joel White is currently a long-stick midfielder with the Syracuse University men’s lacrosse team ranked third in the country. He has agreed to let Cortland Standard readers know from time to time what’s going on in his lacrosse career, and recently answered an initial set of questions.
On the transition to the college game: “The hardest part of transitioning into college lacrosse for me was learning the way they wanted to me do things such as spacing, playing defense, where to slide from and when to slide. I think that I have had a pretty good transition, but I have a long way to go and will keep working to get better every day.”
On becoming a long-stick middie: “The transition to a long-stick was at first surprising because I hadn’t seriously touched a long pole in my life. And in our fall-ball scrimmage coach Desko told me to grab a pole and go in. So I did, and when I came back in the spring he told me that I was going to be changed to a pole this year. I feel that me being a pole has gone well.
I have a long way to go before the end of the season and will continue to listen and learn to be the best I can be. I am happy with the way I have been playing in terms of ground balls, but I think I need to be doing a better job of one-on-one defense and work on slide packages and things.”
On the success the Orange have had so far this season after going 5-7 last season: “Of course starting out as well as we have is always nice, as of the record last season, we do have a chip on our shoulder and we do have something to prove. The upperclassmen want to prove that last year was a one-time thing, and even though the freshmen were not here last year, we are still playing with that same chip on our shoulder for our teammates, coaches, and fans. We want everyone to know Syracuse lacrosse is back.”
On the comeback overtime win over Johns Hopkins: “In the Hopkins game we just showed that we can stick in a game, coming out and going down 6-2 and not ever giving up and getting it to 6-5 by halftime showed a lot. Then being down by three in the second half and to keep playing hard to get back even before the end of regulation just showed the heart of this team as well as the attitude we have been working with all year. The Head, Heart, Hustle is back.”
On his high ranking among freshman players: “My thoughts on being rated highly among freshman are that while it is exciting, at the same time I know that I have so much more to learn and so many things that I have to work on.
Like I said, I have a long way to go, and look forward to keep on working and getting better.”