April 21, 2010


Emergency dispatcher earns workmanship award

Rotary presents annual Pride of Workmanship honor to TLC emergency services worker

RotaryJoe McIntyre/staff photographer
TLC Emergency Medical Services dispatcher Joseph Nauseef received Cortland Rotary’s Pride of Workmanship award Tuesday.

Staff Reporter

Emergency dispatcher Joseph Nauseef received a frantic call last year from a hysterical mother, whose 2-month-old son was not breathing and was turning blue.
Nauseef explained to the woman how to perform CPR. By the time an emergency crew reached the house, the woman’s son was breathing again.
“I know on every call I effectively touched someone’s life,” said Nauseef.
Nauseef was honored for his professionalism Tuesday with the 2010 Pride of Workmanship award by the Cortland Rotary Club.
The ceremony at the Cortland Elks Club was attended by about 30 guests. The award has been presented annually since 1994.
Nauseef, an emergency dispatcher for TLC Emergency Medical Services, is also the vice president and captain of the McGraw Fire Department.
He has been an emergency services worker for about two decades, but it all started when he was a boy, he said.
The climactic medical emergency stories of the television show “Emergency!” inspired Nauseef back then.
As he ventured into his career, he realized that unlike fictional television scenarios, death is a possible outcome when he receives a call for help. Helping people is one of the reasons he takes his job seriously and continues to go to work each morning, he said.
“It’s a very hard job,” said Nauseef’s wife, Rosa. Joseph Nauseef works 12- and eight-hour days, throughout the week, sometimes more if the job requires it.
Nauseef said he is not burdened by his job. As a young boy growing up in Cortland, he was curious about the people who worked for the welfare of community residents. He said he never forgets the importance of his job.
Nauseef and his wife have four children, and he likes to work as a disc jockey in his spare time.
The award is based on several criteria, including job competence, interest, enthusiasm and punctuality, among other things. Bradley Baker, Adam Tyron, Amy Edmond, Wanda Rawson, Aaron Hammond and Pavel Shevchuk, received certificates for their service at work. An independent panel of judges reviewed all nominations.
Nauseef was nominated for the Pride in Workmanship Award by David Butler, president of TLC Emergency Medical Services. Nauseef is one of two emergency dispatchers at TLC. Calls to the 9-11 center are screened, and if it is a medical emergency, the call goes to Nauseef or another dispatcher at TLC. Nauseef then gives instructions to callers, as he did for the mother and her 2-month-old son.
In a nomination letter for the award, Nauseef, who worked at TLC since 1991, is described as an organized thinker, one who “recognizes that even small mistakes could be costly to callers.”
Nauseef said he will continue to work hard at saving lives in Cortland. He said receiving the award was great.
“At least I know my efforts don’t go unnoticed,” he said.


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