April 26, 2008


Dragons’ Henry sets meet record

With a meet record run by Josh Henry among three first place track and field showings, SUNY Cortland men and women are in good position in this quest to capture conference team titles.
Henry, the junior distance runner out of Homer Central, won the 10,000-meter event as the SUNY Athletic Conference Championships got underway Friday afternoon in Cortland. Four Red Dragons were among the top five finishers in the race, with Henry crossing the finish line in 31:00.24.
That clocking was an NCAA provisional qualifier, though Henry had already reached that standard with a faster time earlier this season.
Sarah Kimball beat out Cortland teammate Keri Laviska in the women’s pole vault competition, both clearing the bar at 11-9 to set new meet and school records. Kimball took her second straight SUNYAC title on the basis of fewer misses during the competition.
Kimball, a junior out of Liverpool, broke her own school record having previously cleared 11-8 ½.
Jake Zanetti, a junior from Saratoga Springs, repeated as the men’s pole vault champion for the Red Dragons by clearing              14-11 ½.
Cortland men are five points behind Brockport in the team standings, the second of two days of competition to resume this morning at the SUNY Cortland Stadium Complex. Cortland women are a mere point behind Brockport in the team standings.
Cortland’s Henry and Jeremy Greenlaw grabbed the top two spots in the 10,000m run, Greenlaw seven seconds back. Shamus Nally was fourth and Seth Dubois fifth for the Red Dragons.
The women’s pole vault was also dominated by the Red Dragons. While Kimball and Laviska battled it out for the top spot in the women’s pole vault, Katie Taber was third and Sarah Wignall finished fourth.
While Zanetti led the men’s pole vault field, teammate Joe Keleher finished fifth.
Cortland’s Andi Palen ran second in the women’s 10,000-meter run, won by Laura Iafrati of Geneseo in 37:48.13. Palen was five seconds behind Iafrati. Cortland’s Christa McGough finished sixth in the long jump.
Steve Hilker had a good first day for the Red Dragon men’s team, finishing third in the long jump (21-feet) and fourth in the high jump (6-2 ¾). Cortland’s Willie Coston and Trey Monaco were part of a fifth place tie in the high jump, too.
Other opening day winners among the men were Oswego’s Shomari Felder in the high jump, Buffalo State’s Tim Diegelman in the long jump, Brockport’s Josh Dupuis in the shot put and Brockport’s Dom Gonzales in the hammer throw.
For the women, Buffalo State’s LaVonna Barfield won the long jump, while Fredonia’s Julie Hopson was first in the shot put and hammer throw.


SUNYAC Women’s Championships
Team Standings
   Day One: Brockport 46, Cortland 41, Geneseo 37, Fredonia 33, Buffalo State 16, Plattsburgh 11, Oswego 11
Individual Events
   10,000m- 1. Laura Iafrati (Gen) 37:48.13, 2. Andi Palen (Cort) 37:53.78, 3. Jenny Schaffhouser (Platt) 39:25.02, 4. Samantha Ellwood (Fred) 39:37.29, 4. Danille Hunt (Gen) 39:38.29, 6. Lisa Halloran (Gen) 40:10.94. Pole vault- 1. Sarah Kimball (Cort) 11-9, 2. Kari Laviska (Cort) 11-9, 3. Katie Taber (Cort) 10-3.25, 4. Sarah Wignall (Cort) 9-3.25, 5. Ashley Redino (Brock) 9-3.25, 6. Dana Migliorino (BufSt) 8-9.5. Long jump- 1. LaVonna Barfield (BufSt) 18-0, 2. Jackie Majka (Fred) 17-0, 3. Shannon OKeefe (Brock) 17-0, 4. Britney Falcon (Brock) 16-1, 5. Niclle Sosnoski (Brock) 16-0, 6. Christa McGough (Cort) 16-0. Shot put- 1. Julie Hopson (Fred) 42-4.75, 2. Heidi Armstrong (Osw) 39-1.25, 3. Julie Thering (Gen) 38-3.25, 4. Shannon Young (Platt) 37-6.25, 5. Brittany Talani (Gen) 37-4, 6. Kelly Tooley (BufSt) 36-6.25. Hammer Throw- 1. Julie Hopson (Fred) 175-11, 2. Bridget Mayne (Brock) 168-8, 3. Julie Thering (Gen) 156-0, 4. Hannah Cushman (Brock) 139-6, 5. Morgan Sullivan (Brock) 137-3, 6. Erin Kain (Osw) 133-8

SUNYAC Men’s Championships
Team Standings
   Day One: Brockport 62, Cortland 61, Buffalo State 42.5, Geneseo 25, Plattsburgh 15.5, Oneonta 15, Oswego 12, Fredonia 1
Individual Events
   10,000m- 1. Josh Henry (Cort) 31:00.42, 2. Jerry Greenlaw (Cort) 31:07.02, 3. Mike Heymann (Platt) 31:14.61, 4. Shamus Nally (Cort) 31:15.60, 5. Seth Dubois (Cort) 31:29.59, 6. Tim Chichester (Gen) 31:48.23. High jump- 1. Shomari Felder (Osw) 6-4.75, 2. Willie Jones (BufSt) 6-4.75, 3. Joe Hitchcock (Brock) 6-4.75, 4. Drew Hilker (Cort) 6-2.75, 5. (tie) Willie Coston (Cort), Trey Monaco (Cort) and Andrew Krug (Platt) 6-0.75. Pole vault- 1. Jake Zanetti (Cort) 14-11.5, 2. Chris Brhel (Brock) 14-5.5, 3. James Kennedy (Brock) 14-5.5, 4. Schuyler Field (Platt) 14-5.5, 5. Joe Keleher (Cort) 13-11.75, 6. Nick Mieney (Brock) 13-11.75. Long jump- 1. Tim Diegelman (BufSt) 22-0, 2. Ali Abdul-Matin (BufSt) 22-0, 3. Drew Hilker (Cort) 21-0, 4. Brandon Lindsay (Brock) 22-0, 5. Raymond Shadowena (BufSt) 21-0, 6. Will Razzano (Cort) 20-0. Shot put- 1. Josh Dupuis (Brock) 51-7.25, 2. Mike DeVasto (On) 45-9.75, 3. Eric Ricman (Gen) 43-1.75, 4. Puka Hoching (BufSt) 43-0.5, 5. Matt Geller (BufSt) 42-2, 6. Steve Brandis (On) 41-8. Hammer throw- 1. Dom Gonzalez (Brock) 182-09, 2. Andrew Sorrento (Gen) 174-4, 3. Dan Gettings (Gen) 166-8, 4. Greg Parizek (Brock) 159.08, 5. Ray Lund (Brock) 155-11, 6. Matt Hand (Brock) 155-2