May 13, 2016


Second bear spotted near city

Photo provided by Chadd Clark
A black bear crosses Starr Road on Thursday in Cortlandville. The bear was also seen crossing Pendleton Street and near Willowbrook Golf Club in Cortlandville.

Staff Reporter

Early Thursday morning, reports of a black bear seen in the city reached police.
The bear was seen around 10:30 a.m. near the railroad crossing on Pendleton Street, according to city police. It was also reported near Starr Road, in Cortlandville and Willowbrook Golf Club on Route 215 in Cortlandville.
These sightings come two weeks after a different bear was located in a tree April 25, on Elm Street in the city. The bear was removed from the tree and later died because a tranquilizer dart fire by a state Department of Environmental Conservation employee hit an artery rather than a muscle.
It’s believed the latest bear is just wandering through the area, said Lt. DavidGuerrera said Thursday.
Schools in the area of the sighting took students in from recess and made plans to send students home safely after school. An extra bus was provided by Cortland Junior-Senior High School, Barry Elementary School and Randall Elementary School to any student walking home who wanted a ride, said Michael Hoose, Cortland Superintendent of Schools.
As of this morning, there were no additional bear sightings, according to police.
Police also issued bear precautions. They are:
- Don’t surprise bears. If you’re walking, create noise to make your presence known.
- Travel in groups.
- Be aware that bears are more active around dawn and dusk.
- If a person is walking in bear country, they should be aware of any evidence of bear activity. This includes tracks, feces and claw markings on trees.
l It is also recommended to leave pets home.
If a bear is encountered, police say it is best to remain calm and give the animal plenty of room. If a bear doesn’t spot someone, the person should leave the area quickly and quietly. If the bear does spot a person, the person should make their presence known while remaining far away. Remember to never feed bears — this leads to more problems.
Part of the precautions explain what to do if a bear charges someone. Police state that sometimes a bear charges in a bluff to scare away people. If a bear charges, remain clam and do not run — this may provoke the bear to chase.


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