May 18, 2016


School districts pass budgets, fill board of education seats

Bob Ellis/staff photographer
Voters from the Homer Central School District come and go as they vote on the budget and board of education candidates. All area school districts approved their budget proposals Tuesday.

Area school districts saw promising election results Tuesday night as all budgets and propositions were passed.
These are the results::
Cincinnatus schools
Approved, 127-37, a $15,016,682 budget that increases spending 1.1 percent and decreases the tax levy 0.4 percent to $3,674,331.
Board elections: Incumbents Roger Dodge (142) and Charles Winters (131) won.
Propositions: Purchase three 66-passenger buses for up to $233,000 passed, 121-43.
Cortland schools

Approved, 452-95, a $49.5 million budget with a $17 million tax levy, both unchanged from the previous year.Board elections: Incumbent Judith Murphy (465) and newcomer Peter Rogoff (450) wonPropositions: New buses passed, 431-115. A new 10-year capital reserve plan — which would have a maximum contribution of up to $10 million for renovations and additions to all district facilities — passed, 431-117. And the Cortland Free Library tax levy, which increases from $367,353 to $370,775, beginning July 1, 2016, passed, 401-145.
DeRuyter schools
Approved, 173-33, a $9,837,195 budget that increases spending 0.9 percent and increases the tax levy 0.5 percent to $3,510,880.
Board elections: Dean Hathaway (182) and Brad Mieke (166) won.
Propositions: Purchase of new buses passed, 156-49. DeRuyter Free Library proposition passed, 174-32. Village of DeRuyter Summer Recreation Program passed, 177-29.
Dryden schools
Approved, 730-260, a $37,850,148 budget that decreases spending 0.3 percent and increases the tax levy 1.2 percent to $17,384,694.
Board elections: Margie Malepe (477), Bev Dodici (470) and Andy Young (449) won against Rhonda Kowalski (397), Teri Tarshus (394), Paul Lutwak (343) and Dennis Prentice (297).
Propositions: Purchase buses and transportation vehicles at a cost not to exceed $380,000 passed, 704-288. Spending up to $100,000 to replace the roof at Dryden Elementary School, with $20,000 to come from existing building capital reserve fund and the rest from state aid, passed, 843-152. And establishing a vehicle/equipment capital reserve fund with a $5 million cap passed, 703-287.
Groton schools
Approved, 190-81, a $19,077,883 budget that increases spending 0.09 percent, while the tax levy remains the same at $5,999,712.
Board elections: Incumbents Linda Competillo (228) and Jean Wannall (227) won.
Homer schools
Approved, 885-426, a $41.9 million with a tax levy of $15.9 million, both unchanged from the previous year.
Board elections: Incumbent Martin Sweeney (873), incumbent David Quinlan (844) and newcomer Keith Fagerheim (763) won the three open seats against Branden Brown (476), Steven Cartland (433) and Thomas Brown (399).
Propositions: A $600,000 five-year bus lease passed, 970-338. A move to increase annual tax levy for the Phillips Free Library to about $109,000 from about $104,000 passed, 940-376.
Marathon schools
Approved, 119-31, a $17.4 million budget that increases spending 2.5 percent and leaves the tax levy unchanged at $3.9 million.
Board elections: Robert DePuy (115) and Penny Lisi (98) ran unopposed.
Propositions: A transportation proposition for the purpose of acquiring four school buses, which will not exceed $400,000 passed, 117-33.
McGraw schools
Approved, 81-19, a $12,085,403 budget that increases spending 3.3 percent and increases the tax levy 0.45 percent to $3,009,362.
Board elections: Kristina Maricle (92) and Nathaniel Wayman (79) won.
Propositions: Purchasing of one new bus passed, 77-23
Moravia schools
Approved, 358-93, a $21.5 million budget that increases spending 2.4 percent and increases the tax levy 0.35 percent to $7.7 million.
Board elections: Newcomer Jeffery Carmichael (379), incumbent Shawn Becker (365) and incumbent Kärin Dillon (352) won.
Propositions: Purchase of two new buses passed, 355-94. The establishment of a new capital reserve passed, 355-93. And the proposed tax levy of $46,350 for the Powers Library passed, 324-126.
Tully schools
Approved, 270-112, a $19,830,196 budget that increases spending 0.7 percent and increases the tax levy 1.2 percent to $9,642,851.
Board elections: Incumbent board member Denise Cardamone (294) and incumbent Board President Mark Drumm (284) won.
Propositions: Buying four 66-seat buses for up to $360,000 passed, 260-119. Raising $166,222 in taxes to fund the Tully Free Library passed, 290-92.

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