May 26, 2010


Interim community services director appointment finalized

Staff Reporter

The Community Services Board unanimously endorsed Paul LaBlanc Wednesday to replace Larry Tingley as director of community services on an interim basis, and the county Personnel Committee on Monday proposed LaBlanc’s pay rate.
The Legislature will vote on the recommendation Thursday.
Tingley is resigning at the end of the month and LaBlanc would begin the first week of June so there will not be a vacancy in the position, said Health Committee Chairman Tony Pace (D-7th Ward).
Pace said LaBlanc would fill the position for approximately three to six months, until the board finds a permanent replacement.
The Community Services director oversees the county’s mental health programs and recommends improvements.
Pace said LaBlanc was interviewed Wednesday by a search committee composed of three members of the Community Services Board and three members of the Health Committee and Legislature Chairman Jack Williams (D-8th Ward).
The Community Services Board met immediately after that interview and backed the recommendation.
The search committee was composed of Barry Kerner, Jim Seamans and Barb Ryan and Legislators Williams, Pace, Ray Parker (D-2nd Ward) and Amy Cobb (D-3rd Ward).
Pace said LaBlanc is a retired community services director from Tioga County with prior experience as a community services director in Broome County.
Pace said LaBlanc was recommended through discussions with community services directors statewide and the Office of Mental Health in Albany.
“Mr. LaBlanc was one person we were consulting with, and when the position became vacant, we asked if Mr. LaBlanc would be interested in filling in on a temporary basis. He said that he would,” Pace said.
LaBlanc was unable to be reached for comment.
A search committee comprised of three members of the Community Services Board and three members of the Health Committee and the county administrator will be formed to find a permanent replacement. The committee will review the job description and modify it as needed, Pace said.
Tingley was hired in September 2008 as a temporary, part-time director. His annual salary was $44,000.
At a special meeting Monday of the Personnel Committee, legislators unanimously approved setting a $47.65 hourly rate for the position. LaBlanc would work 15 hours a week and not take benefits, Pace said.


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