Mary Kay - More then Cosmetics


Bob Ellis/staff photographer
Mary Kay representatives stand in front of the cars they have earned through their team sales of the company’s cosmetics and their team building of saleswomen. Left to right is Beth McCaskill in front of her 2006 Pontiac Vibe, Kathy Rosetti in front of her pink 2006 Cadillac DeVille and Darlene Wrenn in front of her 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix.

Living and Leisure Editor

Beth McCaskill looks at her Mary Kay business as a way to help other women.
“Whenever you help somebody, you feel better about the world in general,” she said.
Mary Kay, a business promoted by independent sales consultants, offers products on facial skin care, nail and body care and cosmetics. But not only does it help women feel better about themselves, it promotes cancer research and domestic violence prevention.
“That’s the whole focus of the company, helping women,” McCaskill said.
The Cortland woman, a part-time consultant with Mary Kay for eight years, was the subject of a celebration at the Hampton Inn in Cortland last week to show other Mary Kay saleswomen what the company is all about and what is possible.
“We’re so proud of her,” said Kathy Rosetti of Virgil, who works full time for Mary Kay as an independent sales director. “She’s leading the way in Cortland.”
McCaskill achieved her first Mary Kay car this month, a 2006 red Pontiac Vibe, after she and her team achieved $18,000 in wholesale sales over four months.





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