June 8, 2011


Hanna brings job plan to Glyph

HannaJoe McIntyre/staff photographer
Rep. Richard Hanna, left, gets a lesson in the manufacture of high-tech storage devices Tuesday from Glyph Technologies CEO Mike Driscoll, center, and employee Brian Feringa during a tour of the Kellogg Road company.

Staff Reporter

Rep. Richard Hanna visited Cortland County Wednesday as part of his upstate business tour to announce his “HARVEST” jobs economic plan for Upstate New York.
He was also in the area to learn about Glyph Technologies on Kellogg Road.
“I’m here to talk about jobs and the economy and try to find ways to help local small businesses grow, particularly ones like Glyph who has a unique product in the world,” said Hanna, who represents the 24th Congressional District and is serving his first term. “They are the best in the industry and they’re right here in Cortland.”
The company designs and sells hard disk drive storage systems for audio and video industry. The company’s storage systems are slightly more expensive than its competitors.
Driscoll said Glyph Technologies makes more reliable systems and offers in-house support for its customers.
“We’ve built-in quality,” Driscoll said. “We make a quality product so we’re able to charge a little bit of a premium.”
He said the company targets “pro-sumers,” or professionals who need storage systems for live event and audio recording, film production and photography.
The company’s list of clients includes musicians Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder and Herbie Hancock.
Hanna (R-Barneveld) is on the House small business committee and said he is supporting a bill that would help give small businesses like Glyph low-cost loans to support innovation.
Glyph Technologies moved from its Ithaca location in June 2010 and employs 19 people. The company’s CEO, Mike Driscoll, said he was excited to greet Hanna and let him know about the company.
Driscoll said the company sells products in 60 countries.
Driscoll said the company has projected an annual revenue of about $8.5 million and is growing.
The company offers a three-year warranty on its products and retrieves data on its hard drives for free up to two years after purchase.
Hanna (R-Barneveld) said his jobs plan contains a series of polices that will help bolster the upstate New York economy. He said he will support legislation in areas such as high-tech manufacturing, agriculture, lowering business taxes, labor for veterans, education, incentives for small businesses, and transportation and infrastructure.
“If this country wants to grow jobs, it has to recognize that, whether we love it or not, we need to reinforce and assist entrepreneurs to do what they do best,” Hanna said. “Everybody does better when we have businesses like this growing and prospering and deciding to stay in upstate New York.”
Hanna also toured TECT Power’s Utica facility Monday. TECT manufactures a variety of engine-ready components for aerospace and industrial gas turbine customers.
Hanna said he is also working with local colleges to see how Congress can help them.
Hanna said he was impressed with Glyph Technologies and would work to support small businesses.
“What they’re producing here in Cortland is the high-end product in the world,” Hanna said.

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