June 11, 2013


Homer senior prank riles administrators

CarBob Ellis/staff photographer
Homer police and Homer High School principal Doug VanEtten, second from left, look on as a Volkswagen Rabbit with no wheels is loaded onto a flatbed by Rick and Rich towing on the Homer High School front lawn Monday morning. The vehicle, painted with Class of 2013 notations, was left on the lawn on pallets overnight, part of an annual senior class prank at the school.

Staff Reporter

HOMER — High school senior pranks are an annual tradition across the country as graduation approaches.
But when students and staff arrived at Homer Central High School Monday morning, few could have expected what awaited them in front of the school.
An unidentified person took a junk Volkswagen Rabbit, removed all four wheels and dropped it on pallets on the front lawn.
Homer village police and Doug VanEtten, Homer High School principal, were on the scene as Rick and Rich Towing loaded the car onto a flatbed truck and hauled it away.
VanEtten and Superintendent of Schools Nancy Ruscio both declined to comment because they are treating the prank as a “disciplinary issue.”
Freshmen Brandon Grant, Ryan Parker and Storm Grant, all 14, said it was the first year they actually witnessed a senior prank.
Parker said in the beginning, the administration did not initially realize the car on the lawn was part of a prank.
“On the announcements, they said it was in the wrong parking spot,” said Parker.
Once people realized what was going on, the students said everyone flocked to the lawn to catch a glimpse of the abandoned vehicle, which was painted Homer Trojans blue and had, “2013 SENIORS” scrawled on the side in white.
“My teacher let me go downstairs to see it,” said Brandon Grant. “Even the principal was outside taking pictures.”
The students added this was the third prank the class of 2013 pulled on the school this month. According to the students, last week the seniors put chickens in the gymnasium lobby and also placed hay bales in the parking lot, which had to be pushed aside with a tractor so people could park.
Parker added traditionally, seniors are allowed to have a prank provided it is not “disruptive”.
It is unclear who is responsible for this prank or how many people were involved.
Homer police Sgt. David Van Orden said he was unable to comment because he had yet to review the official report. The school resource officer, Mike Howell, who is a Homer police officer and who filed the report, was unavailable for comment.
It is unclear if future seniors will get the chance to conduct pranks following the high-profile stunts of the Class of 2013.
“It was interesting,” said Storm Grant. “It was an experience.”


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