August 30, 2012


Lincklaen fire damage: $1 million

Blaze destroys highway garage, trucks as cause still unknown

FireBob Ellis/staff photographer
The remains of two town of Lincklaen dump trucks sit inside their burned out highway garage Wednesday. Fire destroyed three dump trucks and a bucket loader in the Tuesday afternoon fire.

Staff writer

LINCKLAEN — The damage from a Lincklaen highway garage fire Tuesday could cost an estimated $1 million, Town Supervisor Wayne Outwater said Wednesday.
The cause of the blaze that burned the structure to the ground is still unknown, Outwater said.
Fire investigators and a representative from the insurance company that covers the building were on the scene Wednesday, said Mahaley Holl, Lincklaen’s town clerk.
An insurance representative and adjuster were also expected today, Outwater said.
Outwater estimated the cost of the destroyed town trucks and equipment at $500,000 and the cost of the building at $500,000.
The trucks that were lost in the fire included a 2006 and a 2005 International dump truck, a 2001 Volvo dump truck, a loader and a 2012 John Deere tractor.
“I know the large dump trucks can go over $200,000 a piece,” Holl said.
“The tractor was just bought in May,” she said.
An excavator that highway workers were using at the time the fire broke out and a grader that was parked outside were the only vehicles to escape the blaze, Holl said.
The excavator and grader are being stored in a barn near the Lincklaen Town Hall, on Union Valley Road, just down the road from the garage, Outwater said.
The barn was previously used as a highway garage, but had been converted to storage, he said.
Purchasing equipment before the onset of winter is a priority, Outwater said.
“We’ll probably have in a month or so a couple trucks,” he said.
In the meantime, Lincklaen has been offered several helping hands.
“We’ve been offered equipment from other towns and the county,” Outwater said.
Most of the road work had been completed before the fire, he said.
The town clerk and Highway Department offices have taken temporary refuge in the Town Hall. The Town Hall also houses the town court and the town supervisor’s office.
“We’re just trying to pick up the pieces,” Holl said.
The town clerk plans on holding hours Tuesday.
Tuesday’s fire was the second in eight years to destroy the highway garage, Outwater said. The first fire was started by a truck that likely had faulty wiring, he said.
A previous article on Tuesday incorrectly reported which town building had burned down and the location of the town court.


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