October 5, 2012


C’ville expects no tax increase in 2013

Town budget draft would increase tax levy 1.8 percent on roughly $9.7 million budget

Staff Reporter

CORTLANDVILLE — Town Supervisor Dick Tupper said the draft of the 2013 budget shows a slight rise in the tax rate, but that cuts will be made to keep the tax rate steady at $3.05.
The town’s 2013 draft budget shows a nearly $900,000 decrease in spending from 2012, down to $8,894,801. The reason for the decrease is because the draft does not take into account the fire district’s proposed budget, which Tupper said is not due for another two weeks.
The 2012 fire district budget is $752,460.
The town’s adopted 2012 budget was $9,782,000 with the tax rate at $3.05 per $1,000 of assessed property value.
The 2013 draft indicates the rate would rise to $3.09, but Tupper said that increase will not happen.
The tax levy in 2012 was $1,683,000, and that figure increases to $1,714,000 in the draft 2013 budget.
In total, an extra $31,000 in revenue would be generated if the draft budget passes.
“This is my eighth year in a row doing a budget for Cortlandville, and we have never had to increase taxes,” Tupper said. “Remember, this is only a draft. We are going to make the necessary cuts to keep the tax rate what it was.”
The town’s general fund is $6,378,082, up $13,000 from 2012.
The budget also includes three special districts — sewer, water and fire.
Spending for the sewer district is decreasing from $1,354,700 this year to $1,302,649 in 2013. Water spending is also proposed to go down from $1,309,698 in 2012 to $1,214,070.
The 2013 appropriations break down to $2,144,763 in the townwide General Fund A, $649,281 in General Fund B. The first highway fund has $277,787, while the second highway fund has $3,306,251.
Tupper said the highway budget is always a large chunk of the overall budget because the winters in Central New York tend to be “brutal” which means a lot of time spent plowing and salting roads.
Total revenue is down slightly, from $4,255,134 in 2012 to $4,423,588 in 2013. Tupper said that figure could change.
“We still have a quarter of this year left, and you never can predict what will happen,” he said. “That could definitely change, but I’m not saying it definitely will.”
The unexpended fund balance, which is unspent money that rolls over into the following year, is estimated to be at $1,540,700. For 2012, that figure was $1,630,245.
Tupper said the problem areas in drafting this budget were “the usual suspects,” such as an increase in payments to the state retirement system. This year, the town has to pay nearly $3,000 more into the fund.
Every year, the state sends the town a bill for how much it has to pay into the retirement fund. Tupper said that cannot be negotiated.
“We also have increasing health insurance costs and fuel costs, and there’s nothing we can do about them, either,” Tupper said.
A meeting to present the 2013 budget was initially scheduled for Nov. 21.
But the town passed a resolution at Wednesday’s meeting to move the meeting to Nov. 19, Tupper said, because New York’s deadline for having the budget ready is Nov. 20.


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