October 29, 2011


Treasurer salary reduction delayed

Agenda item pulled after closed door discussion during legislative session

Staff Reporter

Cortland County Legislators on Thursday further delayed a move to decrease the county treasurer’s salary from about $70,000 to the $32,000 range, pulling the agenda item after closed-door discussions.
Lawmakers at the Legislative session went into executive session to discuss the matter, saying the resolution affected specific personnel.
Tony Pace (D-7th Ward) said the Legislature has to further explore the issue and that is why he pulled the resolution, though he would not elaborate since the discussions were held in executive session.
The Legislature is considering reallocating the treasurer’s salary grade from the $57,599 to $70,078 range where it stands now down to the $32,617 to $39,684 range, or removing the treasurer from the management compensation plan altogether.
Officials are considering these cost-saving moves since the accounting functions have been removed from the Treasurer’s Department, with financial operations transferred to the county administrator in July.
Lawmakers must move on the proposal to change the salary before Jan. 1, since that is when a new treasurer will be seated and the salary cannot be changed midterm. Republican Cindy Monroe is the sole candidate to replace Patrick O’Mara, who is not running for re-election.
O’Mara spoke out against changing the salary at the session, saying the overall job duties remain, as mandated by the state.
Monroe has said she will do the job regardless of the salary.
“I’m thinking we’ll have some decisions in place before then,” Pace said.
In September legislators grappled with the idea of lowering the salary, unable to reach consensus and finally putting off the decision until October. In August the Legislature abolished the Deputy Treasurer position, creating a fiscal officer in the county administrator’s office.
The move gave job security to former Deputy Treasurer Carolyn Kennedy and more accurately reflected her job duties after the July restructuring that moved the deputy county treasurer, fiscal officer and principal account clerk under the administrator.
The delinquent tax receiver is still under the treasurer.


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