November 6, 2013


Developer funds Dryden speed sign

Mobile device will be used for high school across from new Poets Landing project

DrydenJoe McIntyre/staff photographer
Officer Randy Mack of the Dryden Police Department tests out a newly purchased speed trailer that has since been deployed near the high school in the village.

Staff Reporter

DRYDEN — The village police department has a new $8,000 mobile speed sign, bought with funds from a property development company that constructed a 72-unit apartment complex on Freeville Road.
Conifer, the company that developed and manages the property, was required to help the village with vehicle and traffic safety as part of the permitting process to construct Poets Landing, said Police Chief Margaret Ryan.
As a result, Conifer paid for the new trailer which has speed signs, messages, speed readouts and other uses, Ryan said.
The trailer arrived Oct. 28 and was put into use at the end of last week, she said.
Poets Landing, which adds dozens of housing units to the village, will put more pressure on emergency services, including police and ambulance services, Ryan said.
“You can’t add 72 units without having an increase in call volume for an emergency service,” Ryan said.
Ryan plans to use the sign on Freeville Road near Poets Landing and the Dryden Middle and High schools first.
Since the housing complex finished construction in the spring, there have been a number of pedestrians who need to cross the road to go to school, she said.
“There are times when pedestrian safety is more of a concern than others,” Ryan said, referring to the beginning and end of the school day.
The speed limit around the school also dropped from 35 to 25 mph in the spring, she said.
“I think it’s new to a lot of people,” Ryan said, noting that some are speeding.
The schools’ campus has a lot of road frontage, Ryan said, and the section fronting the campus is now zoned 25 mph. About a quarter-mile strip of the road is labeled a school zone, doubling ticket fines for speeders while school is in session.
The new mobile sign can warn motorists of the school zone and to drive safely, but can also be used for other things, such as warning drivers of a road closure, she said.
Mayor James Zimmer and a representative from Conifer could not be reached for comment.


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