November 8, 2011


2011 election results

Democrat Brian Tobin is the apparent winner in the city of Cortland mayor race, defeating Republican Erich DeMunn and Conservative Lorraine Karpowich.
The results are unofficial and do not include absentee ballots and write-ins. Incumbent Mayor Susan Feiszli waged a write-in campaign after losing the primary to Tobin and the number of votes she received were unavailable Tuesday night.
In the races for city alderman, the voting machine counts gave tentative victories to Democrat Julie Bird in the 1st Ward; Democrat Kathryn Silliman in the 2nd Ward; Democrat Kenneth Dye in the 3rd Ward; Democrat John Bennett in the 4th Ward; Republican Daniel Quail in the 5th Ward; Democrat Carlos Ferrer in the 6th Ward; Republican Thomas Michales in the 8th.
The 7th Ward results were unclear, as two sets of figures available on the Cortland County Board of Elections figures were inconsistent. Both gave Republican Michael Magee 152 votes, but one set gave Democrat Linda Ferguson 145 and another gave her 165.
Control of the Cortland County Legislature might have swung to the Republicans. Both parties apparently picked up nine seats and absentee ballots will decide a close race between incumbent Chairman Jack Williams, a Democrat, and Republican John Natoli. Natoli was leading 177-155, based on election machine results.
The unofficial legislator races have Democrat John Troy winning in the 1st Ward; Democrat Raymond Parker in the 2nd Ward; Democrat Amy Cobb in the 3rd Ward; Democrat Thomas Harnett in the 4th Ward; Democrat Richard Bushnell in the 5th Ward; Democrat Donald Spaulding in the 6th Ward; Democrat Anthony Pace in the 7th Ward; Republican John Natoli in the 8th Ward; Republican Newell Willcox in Dist. 9; Republican Gordon Wheelock in Dist. 10; Republican Michael Park in Dist. 11; Republican Danny Ross in Dist. 12; Republican Kevin Whitney in Dist. 13; Republican Susan Briggs in Dist. 14; Republican Donnell Boyden in Dist. 15; Democrat Kathie Arnold in Dist. 16; Republican David Fuller in Dist. 17; Republican Lawrence Cornell in Dist. 18; and Democrat Sandra Price in Dist. 19.


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