November 21, 2013


Doubles tie a highlight

Creating a first place tie in doubles was among the highlights during the closing weekend of competition in the eighth annual Seven Valley USBC Youth Bowling Tournament.
On the second and final weekend play play in the Doubles Event hosted by Hi-Lanes in Homer, the A Division ended up in a dead heat as the 281 Bowl tandem of Nathan Marko and Ryan Aylesworth matched the 1,344 handicapped score of the host Hi-Lanes duo of Chase Parker and Wyatt Baker.
In the Team Event at Cort-Lanes in Cortland, a new A Division team leader emerged from the weekend, too, as the Homer Elks I squad scored 2,562 to take the title away from 281 Bowl’s Gema Aces. During the opening weekend Gema Acres had posted a 2,543 score to beat.
The top A Division rollers in the Singles Event at Hi-Lanes were Wyatt Baker and Nadeane Minnard. Baker, out of Hi-Lanes, posted a 728 handicapped series while 281 Bowl’s Minnard finished with a 676.
In the final All-Events tabulations from the team, singles and doubles events, Robert Standish from Country Lanes in Cincinnatus posted a 2,202 and Carla Holl from 281 Bowl a 2,089 to win their respective boys’ and girls’ titles in the combined ABC Divisions. In the D Division, Dakota Knapp from Country Lanes scored 1,496 and Katie Vartanian from Hi-Lanes 1,502 to capture their respective crowns.
The Seven Valley USBC Youth Bowling Banquet will be held on Jan. 5 at the Homer Elks Club. Tickets are now available from all coaches and questions concerning the event can be answered by Gary Lansdowne or Brenda Allen at The tournament organizers also gave a large thank you to Brian and Trish Phillips at Hi-Lanes, along with John and Donna Partigianoni at Cort-Lanes, for hosting the tournament.
In youth league play from the weekend:
While Storm Grant’s 641 was the top series coming out of 281 Bowl, Kortni McGowan also had an eye-opening 628 effort. Grant had games of 222-204-215 for his big series,while McGowan topped the girls with her 212-161-255 success. Ryan Aylesworth also rallied for a 600 series, reaching 605 on 126-248-232.
Other high rollers were Robert Storie 575 on 172-268-134, Brandon Aylesworth 569 on 210-160-199, Brandon Grant 566 on 159-226-181, Troy Vallese 545 on 223-159-153, Adam Passalugal 535 on 151-176-208, Evan Lewis 535 on 190-180-154, Tim Sanford 532 on 233-145-154, Andrew Babcock 512 on 120-207-185 and Nadeane Minnard 512 on 168-192-152.
Cullen Gallagher led the way at Hi-Lanes with a 580 series on games of 202-197-181. Chase Parker had 573 on 165-220-188, Jared Ashendorf 556 on 235-188-133, Joey Esposito 555 on 164-168-223 and Kory Platt 549 on 179-165-205.
There were no honor series rolled at Cort-Lanes.


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