November 23, 2012


C’ville approves 2013 budget

Staff Reporter

CORTLANDVILLE — The Town Board unanimously passed its 2013 budget during Tuesday’s meeting.
The meeting was to be held Wednesday, but was pushed forward a day because of Thanksgiving on Thursday.
The vote was 5-0.
The tax rate, due to what Town Supervisor Dick Tupper called “slight cuts here and there,” will remain at $3.05 per $1,000 of assessed property value.
In the tentative budget, the tax rate showed an increase to $3.09, but Tupper at the time said he would make necessary cuts to keep the rate the same.
Tupper made it clear no new employees will be hired in 2013, which was one way to keep the tax rate steady for an eighth-straight year.
“We should give props to Mr. Tupper for doing it yet again,” Town Board member Ted Testa said of the flat tax rate.
The preliminary budget showed a decrease in spending from the 2013 tentative budget of about $350,000 for a total of about $9.4 million. Of that, $748,960 is from the fire district, which Tupper said is about $3,500 less than 2012.
Tupper said he cut about $60,000 from the townwide general fund, which is at $2,097,766.
The total town budget is $6,331,611. In addition to the general and highway funds, this includes the sewer district fund of $1,208,807 and the water fund of $1,105,073.
“A lot of work by a lot of people went into making this the best budget we can have,” Tupper said.
He said the sales tax revenue figures from the county will not be in for a “little while,” but that the figures he was told as an estimate by the county will not affect the town budget at all.
“We should be getting the same amount of money from sales tax as last year,” Tupper said.
Testa said the town generates much of the total county sales tax revenue.
“We provide 68 percent of the sales tax revenue in the county,” he said. “We’re looking into expanding even further and that would mean more money.”
The total assessed taxable property in the town in 2012 was $562,078,739.


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