December 14, 2007


Area teams well-honored

Marathon Central and Groton Central boys grabbed seven spots when the Interscholastic Athletic Conference Division III soccer first-team all-stars were announced.
Dryden High placed five players on the Division I first-team all-star squad. Marathon (15-3-2), the Division III champion, led the way with senior defender Aubrey Brown earning Division III MVP honors, while Dryden (16-2-2), the IAC overall champions, had senior Nick Lange share Division I MVP laurels with Lansing senior Walker Diebolt. The Purple Lions were the wild-card entry in the IAC Tournament while the Bobcats were the Division I champions.
Joining Brown on the Division III first team were Marathon senior striker Matt Doran, senior midfielder Jason Luce and senior defender Kasey Bush.
Groton (6-9-2) was represented by senior goalkeeper Kyle Yunger, senior midfielder Matt Parsons and junior sweeper Josh Grazul.
Rounding out the Division III first-team all-stars were the Union Springs trio of senior striker Mike Howell, senior midfielder Nick Schooley and junior defender Jason Schenck; Southern Cayuga defenders Tony Rejman (senior) and Dylan Parmenter (junior); plus the Moravia senior duo of Justin Stanton (striker) and Mike Drake (midfield).
Division III second-team all-star honors went to Marathon junior defender Dylan Barber; the Groton trio of sophomore striker Austin Tompkins, junior midfielder Cameron Adams and senior defender Dan Gray; the Southern Cayuga contingent of seniors Tony Brown-Rejman (striker), Adam Mandel (midfield), Andrew Dean (midfield) and Ed Richter (goalkeeper) plus juniors Sean Driscoll (striker), Casey Underwood (midfield) and Lewis Morse (defender); Moravia seniors Anthony Canestrano (defender) and A.J. Rouse (goalkeeper); plus Union Springs sophomore striker Eric Hlywa.
Joining Lange on the Division I first-team roster were senior teammates Dylan Luce (striker), Pat Streeter (midfield), Trevor Totman (defender) and T.J. Weaver (goalkeeper); Lansing seniors Dan Hranek (midfield), Tyler Fleming (defender) and Tim McGriff (defender); the Trumansburg trio of senior striker Chris Grey, senior midfielder Jay Bartischevich and junior defender Will Seeger; Elmira Notre Dame senior striker Mark Evans and Newark Valley senior midfielder Bryan Marsh.
Division I second-team all-stars included the Dryden trio of sophomore striker Dan Holland, senior defender Justin Sinnigen and junior defender Sam Hodgson; Lansing junior defender Dan Zarate and sophomore goalkeeper Michael Bradford; Trumansburg seniors Brennan Edmonds (striker), Eric Irish (midfield) and Dan Sullivan (defender); senior striker Brad Bakal, junior midfielder Ryan Warchocki and junior goalkeeper Mike Goforth from Newark Valley; Elmira Notre Dame junior midfielders Matt Sharkey and Joel Wetmore; plus Waverly senior goalkeeper Lee Smith.
Division II champion Spencer-Van Etten (17-2-2) placed six players on the first-team all-star team, including MVP Tyler Bailey. Teammates joining Bailey include striker Colton Wigsten, midfielder Nick Ewanyk, defender Mike Cary, defender Joe Lineberry and goalkeeper Justin Woodbury.
Rounding out the Division II first-team all-stars are Candor co-MVP Pat Thompson and midfield teammate Toby Heavenrich; Odessa-Montour striker Matt Shutter, midfielder Kyle Stephens and defender Eric Davis; plus Watkins midfielder Alan McIlroy and defender Chris Hong.
Division II second-team all-stars include Billy Schanbacher (midfield) and Andy Mosier (defender) from Spencer-Van Etten; Dan Nichols (striker) and Stephen Trinidad (defender) from Candor; Alex Vondracek (striker), Dan Stephens (midfielder) and John Blaha (defender) of Odessa-Montour; Ethan Roth (midfield) and Jacob Roth (defender) from Watkins Glen and Tioga midfielder Kyle Keaty.
Following are comments from the local coaches Chip Stewart (Marathon), John D’Anotonio (Groton) and Laszlo Engel (Dryden) on their first-team all-stars:
Marathon coach Chip Stewart on Brown: “Aubrey was a four-year varsity player and appeared in a school record 87 games with 72 starts. He flat out is the best defensive player I have ever coached, with apologies to his older brother Adrian. Aubrey marked our opponents best offensive threat, he has great speed and an innate ability to pick out the appropriate time and angle to challenge and attack the ball. Aubrey was as tough as any player I have coached along with Jason) as he would “suck-up” injuries and keep playing. Aubrey makes coaching less motivated individuals easier as he would lead by example. He was always first in sprints or timed runs and would take-on challenges others backed away from.”
Brown had two goals and eight assists this season with a total of nine goals and 14 assists for his career. He was a two-time IAC First-Team all-star. Brown was also named to the NYS Small School All-State team for the second time.
Stewart on Doran: “Matt was a three-year varsity player and appeared in 61 games in his career. His career was inhibited by a series of injuries that slowed his progress as nagging leg injuries hurt his sophomore and junior season, but he had an outstanding senior season. Matt was our main offensive threat as his speed and ability to hold the ball in tight space proved invaluable. He could hold the ball and allow our supporting players the time needed to get into the offense. Matt could score and strike the ball well with either foot.”
For the season, Doran scored 21 goals with 14 assists and he had 33 goals for his career and 23 assists.
Stewart on Luce: “Jason was a three-year varsity player and appeared in 67 games with 55 starts. He was our “Mr. Versatility” and the prototype team player, as he played anywhere we wanted him to from sweeper to striker, but was normally and most comfortable in the midfield area. Jason is one of the toughest players I have coached as he played in pain often. He would challenge balls in areas and situations that other players backed off from. Jason is quiet by nature, but became more vocal while taking on the role of one of our tri-captains. This helped our younger players progress and contribute to our success.”
Luce, a second-team all-star in 2006, scored 15 goals with four assists this season and finished with 30 goals and nine assists her his career. Luce was named to the NYS Small School All-Star team this season.
Stewart on Bush: “Kasey is a two-year varsity player. He was determined to improve his playing ability from last season to this one and he did that. Kasey played primarily at the defensive midfield and stopper positions, depending on our opponent and our defensive scheme for that game. Kasey emerged as another quality defender for us and allowed us to do different things with Aubrey and Jason.”
Bush scored two goals and seven assists for the season and had seven goals with 11 assists for his career.
D’Antonio on Yunger: “Kyle is a two-time first-team all-star in the IAC. Without him, we would not have done as good as we did. Kyle is a leader on this team and he kept us so many games with his great saves. There was no doubt that he was our MVP. Kyle is the most decorated player in our school’s soccer history.”
D’Antonio on Parsons: “Matt is a four-year varsity player and he would do anything that was needed. He sacrificed personal goals and stats to do whatever was best for the team. Matt played good defense and he had the ability to set-up the offense.”
Parsons scored six goals and had six assists for the season. He was a second-team all-star in 2006.
D’Antonio on Grazul: “It is unbelievable how much Josh improved this season. Our defense gave u its fewest goals in a number of years and he was a part of that. Josh was a big, intimating force at sweeper and did a tremendous job of keeping the ball out of the middle in a league where there are a lot of great scorers. Josh was a leader on defense and had a great ability to clear the ball.”
Engel on Streeter: “Pat was a defensive midfielder covering the opponents central players. He is a very good defender, using his quickness and endurance turning defense into offense.”
Streeter scored nine goals and had one assist. He scored the winning goal in the IAC Final against Spencer-Van Etten.
Engle on Luce: “He is a tenacious forward who often outworks the opponents defenders making it difficult to stop him. He plays with his heart on his sleeve.”
Luce scored 19 goals this fall, tying the single-season team record at Dryden High.
Engel on Totman: “Trevor was very steady and cool in the back, quickly turning play back up field to his teammates using ability to read the play. He was definitely an unsung hero. He played the most minutes out of everyone from the team. Trevor was also the most composed player we’ve had in a long time.”
Totman had 14 assists for the Purple Lions in 2007, mostly from set plays.
Engel on Weaver: “After recovering from a preseason injury,  T.J. played outstanding in goal for us helping record a team-record 12 shutouts. He gave up only four goals this year, including the playoffs and he never gave up more than one goal in a single game.”
Engel on Lange: “Arguable the best player in the IAC. Nick was our best player in the air. He was man-marked all the time and still had great season. Nick has great vision and the ability to pass the ball into the stride of his teammates. He also has unbelievable ball skills.”
Lange recorded 15 goals and 18 assists on his way to sharing Division I MVP honors.




Local flavor for elite squads

All three local soccer teams had representation when the Interscholastic Athletic Conference announced its all-star soccer teams. Marathon, who advanced to the IAC Tournament, had five players named to the Division III first team while Groton was shut out of III first-team picks. Dryden had two players selected to the IAC Division I First-Team All-Star squad.
Leading the way for Marathon were Casie Wood, Paige McCarthy, Brooke Winter-Potter, Rachel Parker and Kelsey Peebles.
Other Division III first-team all-stars were Marley Brooks and Kortney Nunez from Newfield; Alyssa Dean, Michaela Hares, Monica Sacco and Danielle Lyndaker of Union Springs; Nicole Hoey, Megan Lawrence and Beth Rocker from Southern Cayuga.
Division III second-team soccer all-stars included Brittany Ripley from Marathon; Justine Connor from Groton; Amanda Cuff, Devon Gary, Annie O’Hara and Alexa Schooley of Union Springs; Janelle Shipos, Emily Stevenson and Sierra Yaple from Newfield; plus Andrea Bradley and Lianna May of Southern Cayuga.
Division III honorable mentions include Brittany Krebs and Eryn Rundle from Marathon; Alexa Barber, Shelby Warner and Stephanie Senter of Groton; Shawna Hurlbert from Newfield; Miriam Larson-Koester of Southern Cayuga and Jaimi Jones from Union Springs.
Brighid Rose and Julianne Prentice were the Dryden Division I First-Team All-Star selection.
Joining the Purple Lion duo were Rachel Palladino, Brittany French, M.C. Barrett, Ryann Cretney, Lydia Warkentin and Kathryn Hornibrook from Lansing; Mary Orth, Kara Quartararo and Amanda Woods of Newark Valley; Mallory Lawes and Caley Manuel from Elmira Notre Dame, plus Allie Irish and Lindsay Glasner of Trumansburg.
The Dryden trio of Brittany Lange, Leighann Bennett and Kaitlyn DeGaetano headed the list of IAC Division I Second-Team All-Stars.
Joining them are Lauren Nelson, Molly McCurdy and Livia Farina-Geiger of Trumansburg; Linday Bakal, Abbey Finley, Colleen Quartararo, Liza Rigucci and Val Hansen from Newark Valley; plus Beth Lader, Megan Palladino, Kelsey Redmond and Taylor Jordan of Lansing.
Division I honorable mentions included Samantha Engel, and Sabrina Jenner from Dryden; Katie Bland of Lansing; Meg Carey and Mackenzie Stilwell from Trumansburg; Michelle Tuetken of Newark Valley; plus Kate Agan, Brayden Van Winkle and Ashley Bahlatsis or Elmira Notre Dame.