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Photo provided by SUNY Cortland
Kindra Bell, of Ithaca, uses the QuadMill as researcher and SUNY Cortland associate professor of communication sciences and disorders Irena Vincent looks on.

Professor makes lives better for those with Parkinson’s Disease

Staff Reporter

About 60,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease every year, and SUNY Cortland professor Jeffrey Bauer is spearheading a research project to help all those affected through the use of a QuadMill.
The QuadMill is an elliptical-like machine, originally designed for high-intensity, low-impact training for Olympic skiers.
The person stands still on the machine as it moves up and down, over and over, according to Bauer, a professor in the kinesiology department. It bends the person at their knees and ankles, helping to build strength in large muscles of the lower body.
Five years ago, Bauer’s 85-year-old father was diagnosed with the Parkinson’s Disease. Ever since, he said he was interested in studying it and investigating what goes on in the body of those diagnosed.
Bauer discovered there are a multitude of studies already being done on the disease and decided he would like to conduct his own research.
Bauer put together a research committee at the school with Irena Vincent, an associate professor of communication sciences and disorders at SUNY Cortland, and a group of volunteer students. Together, they enacted a plan of action to study speech, physicality and the psychology of patients through the use of the QuadMill.
But the machine is not easy to come by. Bauer said fortunately for him, he had connections to a skiing team in Lake Placid that had one and were no longer using it. They donated the machine for his research.
And Bauer said he saw a positive reaction to the QuadMill before his research even officially started.
“My dad really liked it,” he said.





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