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tc3Joe McIntyre/staff photographer
Tompkins Cortland Community College students, from left, Mike Quigley, Gabe Pesco and Frances Cole attend summer session in Dryden Thursday.

Colleges tackle enrollment

Staff Reporter

Tompkins Cortland Community College officials say their enrollment has been declining in the last couple of years, echoing a national and state trend, while SUNY Cortland’s has remained steady despite a decreasing pool of applicants.
TC3’s 2013 summer enrollment with a total of 141 full-time enrollments or FTEs was a 6 percent drop compared to 2012, and with approximately 121 FTEs this year, it is running about 12 percent behind last year’s total.
Vice Provost John Conner’s monthly report to the board of trustees in July detailed the percentage decreases, and Peter Voorhees, the college’s information officer, provided the number of FTEs. The fall and spring enrollments have dropped, too.
Last fall, the college had a total of 1,327.5 full time equivalents or FTEs, which was down from the previous fall’s total of 1,513.9, Voorhees said.




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