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Joe McIntyre/staff photographer
Downtown traffic weaves through traffic cones designating hazards such as raised manhole covers Thursday on North Main Street. Rotting ties from the old trolley track under the street have complicated the process. Originally scheduled to be completed in mid-June, the project now is expected to run into August.

Trolley track snarls paving projects

Staff Reporter

Problems with the old trolley track under a city street have complicated the ongoing paving work on North Main Street in the city.
The binder course — the lower layer of asphalt — isset to be completed by mid-June, Superintendent of Public Works Chris Bistocchi said Thursday. Originally, the entire project was supposed to be completed by mid-June,but now that completion date has been pushed back to August, he said.
The completion delay came after rotting ties from the old trolley track were found under the street. These rotting ties are what caused the potholes along North Main Street,Bistocchi said, explaining the deteriorating ties caused the asphalt to sink.
To fix the problem, the rotting ties will be removedand replaced with concrete, Bistocchi said.




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