March 9, 2011


$3.4 million Truxton road project OK’d

Work on Tully-Truxton Road likely won’t start until 2013

Staff Reporter

Legislators on the Highway Committee signed off Tuesday on a $3.4 million project to reconstruct Truxton-Tully Road in Truxton.
The project is 80 percent federally funded with a possibility of 15 percent state Department of Transportation funds.
The county won’t know until the 2012 budget year whether the project is eligible for state aid.
Local funds would cover the remainder.
The full Legislature is scheduled to vote on the measure at the March 31 session.
The project would entail design work, acquiring rights of way and reconstructing a 1.2 mile stretch of Truxton-Tully Road.
Work would likely not begin until 2013.
This is the first section of about six miles of the road that will ultimately need to be repaired at a total cost of roughly $8 million. Because of funding schedules, the entire 6-mile stretch could take 10 years to complete, said county Highway Superintendent Don Chambers.
The road is included in the national highway system so it is eligible for federal Highway Administration funds.
Chambers announced Tuesday that the county received federal approval to proceed with the project.
Chambers said the road is badly in need of repair. The stretch of road in the first phase, about 1.2 miles coming out of Truxton, will be the most expensive because the road goes through a ravine with steep slopes and tight turns, Chambers said.
The complexity of the work makes it more expensive and rights of way will need to be acquired.
Highway Committee Chairman Dave Fuller (R-Cincinnatus, Freetown, Taylor and Willet) said portions of people’s property will need to be acquired as the road is straightened and creek banks adjusted.
“Many people’s property lines run to the center of the creek... and if they have to rechannel the flow that comes down through there, they are going to have to be looking at (acquiring) properties,” Fuller said.
Legislator Kathie Arnold (D-Cuyler, Solon and Truxton) said the road is an important commuter road for people who live in Cuyler.
Legislator Newell Willcox (R-Homer) said that since the project will be 80 percent federally funded, he thinks the badly needed work will be done at little cost to county taxpayers.
“The beginning of the road is in the worst shape,” Willcox said, describing poor drainage that results from the steep and winding road.


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