June 8, 2010


Senior Games get under way

The SUNY Cortland campus will once again be the centerpiece for the annual Empire State Senior Games that will get under way with a full slate of events on Wednesday.
The Senior Games actually are in motion today, with singles and doubles play in tennis taking place on the SUNY Cortland campus courts. The competition runs through the weekend, featuring track and field at the SUNY Cortland Stadium Complex — which will be a busy place while also acting as hosts for the New York State Girls’ Lacrosse Championship Final Four on those same Friday and Saturday dates.
The lighting of the Empire State Senior Games torch will be held at 7 p.m. Thursday at the SUNY Cortland Park Center Ice Arena, that special occasion part of a barbecue featuring D.J. Brian Oddo that runs from 6-10 p.m. That is one of several social events the athletes can also take advantage of during their stay in Cortland.
The Senior Games emphasizes its motto, which says: “You don’t stop playing when you grow old; you grow old when you stop playing.”
Tennis, pickleball, badminton, archery, bridge, orienteering, track and field, 5K and 10K road races, racquetball, handball, swimming and basketball are taking place at SUNY Cortland.
Bowling has daily sessions at Cort-Lanes on Tompkins Street, Cortland’s Beaudry Park will host softball games and horseshoe tossers will return to the Tri-Country Horseshoes Club in Groton in a quest for medals.
The J.M. McDonald Sports Complex is the site for shuffleboard and ping pong, while a new disc golf competition will be held at Tompkins Cortland Community College in Dryden. Cyclists will be competing in Virgil, Greek Peak Ski Resort the host for those races.
Golf is already underway at the Empire State Senior Games, with the short course tournament taking place yesterday at West Hill Golf Course in Camillus while the long course competitors were in actin this morning at Green Lakes State Park.
The Empire State Senior Games triathlon will not be held until Saturday, June 19, at 9 a.m. at Green Lakes State Park in Fayetteville.
The Senior Games are conducted by the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation. Competitors must be state residents ages 50-and-older as of Dec. 31 of the year in which the Games take place. The goals are to encourage fitness as a life-long activity; combine sports and games with fitness, fun, and fellowship; provide recreational opportunities and promote the positive public image of seniors.
Picking up a medal or two is nice, too.

Today’s Schedule

9:00 a.m.: Tennis Singles (SUNY Cortland)
1:00 p.m.: Tennis Doubles (SUNY Cortland)

Wednesday’s Schedule
8:00 a.m.: Shuffleboard Doubles (McDonald Complex)
8:30 a.m.: Pickleball Doubles (SUNY Cortland), Shuffleboard 70-74 Doubles (McDonald Complex)
9:00 a.m.: Bowling Singles A (Cort-Lanes), Swimming (SUNY Cortland), Tennis Singles (SUNY Cortland)
9:30 a.m.: Orienteering (SUNY Cortland)
10:00 a.m.; Badminton Singles (SUNY Cortland), Women’s Horseshoes (Groton’sTri-Country Horseshoes Club)
10:30 a.m.: Shuffleboard Doubles 75-70 (McDonald Complex)
10:45 a.m.: Shuffleboard Doubles 65-69 (McDonald Complex)
11:30- a.m.: Bowling Singles B (Cort-Lanes)
1:00 p.m.: Bridge (SUNY Cortland), Men’s Horseshoes (Groton’s Tri-Country Horseshoes Club), Tennis Doubles (SUNY Cortland)
2:00 p.m.: Bowling Singles C (Cort-Lanes)

Thursday’s Schedule
8:00 a.m.: Women’s Shuffleboard Singles (McDonald Complex), 5K Road Race (SUNY Cortland)
8:30 a.m.: Pickleball Mixed Doubles (SUNY Cortland), Women’s Shuffleboard Singles 70-74 (McDonald Complex)
8:45 a.m.: Women’s Shuffleboard Singles 70-74 (McDonald Complex)
9:00 a.m.: Bowling Singles D (Cort-Lanes), Swimming 50-69 (SUNY Cortland), Tennis Singles (SUNY Cortland)
9:30 a.m.: Women’s Shuffleboard Singles 75-59 (McDonald Complex)
10:00 a.m.: Badminton Doubles (SUNY Cortland), 5K Race Walk (SUNY Cortland)
11:30 a.m.: Bowling Singles E (Cort-Lanes)
Noon: Badminton Mixed Doubles (SUNY Cortland)
1:00 p.m.: Women’s Shuffleboard Over 80 (McDonald Complex), Men’s Shuffleboard 70-74 and Over 80 (McDonald Complex)
2:00 p.m.: Bowling Singles F (Cort-Lanes)

Friday’s Schedule
8:00 a.m.: 10K Road Race (SUNY Cortland), Men’s Shuffleboard Singles 50-54, 55-59 and 60-64 (McDonald Complex)
8:15 a.m.: Men’s Shuffleboard Singes 65-69 (McDonald Complex)
8:30 a.m.: Pickleball Singles (SUNY Cortland), Men’s Shuffleboard Singles 75-79 (McDonald Complex)
9:00 a.m.: Bowling Doubles A (Cort-Lanes), Disc Golf Singles (TC3), Tennis Singles (SUNY Cortland), Track and Field (SUNY Cortland)
10:00 a.m.: Archery 65-and-Over (SUNY Cortland Davis Field)
11:30 a.m.: Bowling Doubles B (Cort-Lanes)
Noon: Racquetball (SUNY Cortland)
1:00 p.m.: Bridge (SUNY Cortland), Tennis Doubles (SUNY Cortland)
2:00 p.m.: Bowling Doubles C (Cort-Lanes), Disc Golf Doubles (TC3)
3:00 a.m.: Women’s Basketball (SUNY Cortland), Tennis Mixed Doubles (SUNY Cortland)

Saturday’s Schedule
9:00 a.m.: Men’s Basketball (SUNY Cortland), Bowling Mixed Doubles A (Cort-Lanes), Cycling 5K (Virgil’s Greek Peak), Men’s Ping Pong Singles (McDonald Complex), Racquetball (SUNY Cortland), Track and Field (SUNY Cortland)
9:30 a.m: Volleyball (Syracuse University)
10:00 a.m: Archery (SUNY Cortland Davis Field)
10:30 a.m.: Women’s Ping Pong Doubles (McDonald Complex)
11:00 a.m.: 10K Cycling (Virgil’s Greek Peak)
11:30-a.m.: Bowling Mixed Doubles B (Cort-Lanes)
Noon: Handball (SUNY Cortland), Women’s Softball (Beaudry Park)
1:00- Women’s Ping Pong Singles (McDonald Complex)
1:30- Men’s Ping Pong Doubles (McDonald Complex)
2:00- Bowling Mixed Doubles C (Cort-Lanes), 20K Cycling Road Race (Virgil’s Greek Peak)
2:30- Ping Pong Mixed Doubles (McDonald Complex)

Sunday’s Schedule
9:30 a.m.: Women’s Softball (Beaudry Park)


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