July 28, 2016


Presidential candidates get $12K from local residents


Photo provided by Katie Keyser
Cortland resident John Busch, a contributor to Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, joins a crowd outside the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Monday.

Staff Reporter
Sixteen area residents have donated more than $12,000 to the presidential campaigns of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump as of June 30.
Fifteen of those people donated to Clinton’s campaign, totaling more than $9,600; one person donated to Trump’s campaign, totaling $2,700, according to the Federal Election Commission.
Frank Suits Jr., of Cortland, was the sole Trump contributor, making his single donation of $2,700 on June 22. Theresa Fulton, of Dryden, made four separate donations totaling $4,000 to the Clinton campaign from June 28, 2015, toApril 5, the FEC reports. That’s the area’s largest donation.
Nancy Dafoe, a retired teacher from Homer, said she probably donated more than she can afford, but was happy to do because supporting Clinton is important to the nation’s future.
“I want to do anything I can to make sure Trump is not elected,” Dafoe said. “Really I want to do more (than just donating).”
Dafoe donated on 12 occasions from Oct. 8, 2015, to April 6, giving a total of $498, according to the FEC. She said she would have supported anyone running against Trump because he terrifies her. She said he is ignorant and unqualified, and she is flabbergasted that anyone is supporting him.
“I care about the country and other people,” Dafoe said. “I believe in helping people. I’m very proud to support her (Clinton) and Tim Kaine.”
In total, Clinton raised more than $61.8 million in New York, while Trump raised just under $900,000, according to the FEC. Nationally, as of June 30, Clinton has raised $264.4 million and Trump has raised $89 million.
Trump has said his campaign is largely self funded.
While Clinton gained many contributors in Cortland County, former Democratic contender Bernie Sanders gained more donators and funds than Clinton and Trump combined. More than 40 people contributed to Sanders’ campaign locally — many contributing more than five times — totaling more than $13,500.
John Busch of Cortland was one of those contributors and even though Clinton won the nomination, he said he is still happy he contributed to Sanders’ cause.
“I’ll still donate to any of his movements,” Busch said. “I’ve followed Bernie for a long time on his environmental initiatives.”
Busch donated to Sanders’ campaign on five occasions, totaling $240 between March 1 and June 14, according to the FEC.
He said he had never donated to a political cause before, but was excited Sanders was running for president and got caught up in the excitement when Sanders gained momentum.
In total, Sanders attained more than $8 million in donations from New York.
Fulton declined comment on her donations and Suits could not be reached by press time.

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