August 21, 2013


County jobless rate unchanged in July

Staff Reporter

The July unemployment rate for Cortland County remains unchanged, staying at 7.8 percent for the second month.
The 0.8 percent increase among Cortland County’s employed — from 21,300 in June to 21,500 in July — was not enough to bring down the unemployment rate for the county as a whole.
The number of unemployed people in Cortland County also remained fixed at 1.8 percent.
The unemployment rate for Cortland County is higher than both the state average, 7.6 percent, and the national average, 7.7 percent.
The sector which had seen steady job growth throughout 2013, the professional and business services sector, was steady at 1,800 jobs for the first time this year.
Similarly, the manufacturing sector, which has seen nothing but job losses since January, retained its 2,500 jobs after losing 100 in June.
All other industries either lost jobs or remained steady from June to July. Leisure and hospitality jobs and natural resource, mining and construction jobs were the only two sectors to see an increase, both adding 100 jobs.
Labor Department Analyst Karen Knapik-Scalzo said despite the lack of significant growth, she expected to see a lower rate of job growth for Cortland when compared to larger metro areas like Syracuse and the numbers show the county is still in recovery mode.
“We’re still seeing some recovery trying to happen when you look at Cortland,” Knapik-Scalzo said. “In a small county, you wouldn’t normally see real drastic changes over the month overall.”
She added some of the increases and decreases in the July unemployment numbers were not uncommon for this time of year.
“You did see some seasonal changes,” Knapik-Scalzo said. “You’ll usually see a dip in the education numbers due to the schools being off for the summer months (and) it’s typical you’d see an increase in construction jobs.”
This month’s job numbers are all lower than they were at this time last year when the unemployment rate for the county was 8.9 percent and the number of unemployed was 21,000. The number of people employed was 21,800.

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