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VetPhoto provided by Kevin Kurtz

Kevin Kurtz, a 1989 Homer High School graduate and a children’s book author, is shown giving a tour on a ship during an expedition with a team studying a crater at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico for evidence of an asteroid believed to have caused a mass extinction of dionsours 66 million years ago. Kurtz is shown stepping out of one of the temporary science labs aboard a ship. For safety reasons, the participant had to wear coveralls and hard hats whenever we were on deck.

Homer grad's books mix science, nature

Staff Reporter

A Homer High School graduate who now writes children’s books took an unusual expedition in early May: exploring a crater believed to be caused by an asteroid theorized to have killed off dinosaurs 66 million years ago.
Kevin Kurtz, who grew up in Homer and graduated from Homer High School in 1989, began writing around the time he was in fourth grade.
“I remember writing and drawing my own comics,” Kurtz said in a telephone interview Friday.
Kurtz specializes in nonfiction children’s picture books about science and nature so when he had the chance in early May to take a trip to the Gulf of Mexico to explore the crater, he was excited.
Kurtz was invited to join a group of scientists on the research ship JOIDES Resolution as an educator. The trip was to a region in the Gulf of Mexico about 18 miles offshore of the Yucatan Peninsula.
The group, European Consortium for Ocean Research Drilling, was formed by the International Ocean Discovery Program and specializes in marine geology. Kurtz came in contact with them through School of Rock, which offers hands-on research experiences for Earth and ocean science educators; while working at the Science Factory in Oregon.
“I used to work in a science museum and I got a notification from School of Rock to be taken out on the ship (JOIDES Resolution),” Kurtz said.





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